A veteran professional in the commercial real estate industry, Robert Blumenthal has experience with all aspects of the field, including business development, raising equity, acquisitions, and leasing. He has worked with a variety of investors and has developed and acquired office buildings, multifamily complexes, and other major projects. Currently, Robert Blumenthal leverages his experience and knowledge to locate, purchase, and redevelop distressed commercial and residential properties.

In addition to his work within the real estate industry, Mr. Blumenthal runs the Robert Blumenthal Gallery, an art gallery on the upper east side in Manhattan. An experienced art collector, he developed a substantial personal art collection before opening the Robert Blumenthal Gallery, where he focuses largely on emerging art and has featured such artists as Peter Saul and Marie Jacotey. Under his direction, the gallery has been featured in publications such as the Wall Street Journal and nurtures relationships with collectors and museums. In addition to his work with the gallery, he has hosted numerous museum parties at his Miami Beach home to benefit venerable art institutions such as MOMA, MOCA, and the Bass Museum.

An art collector, Robert Blumenthal curates contemporary artwork for the eponymous Upper East Side Robert Blumenthal Gallery. His venue has been featured in The New York Times and Wall Street Journal. The artists whose work has been shown in the Robert Blumenthal Gallery include installation artists Luke Diiorio and Derek Fordjour. More recently, Mr. Blumenthal helped Marie Jacotey launch her first solo show, Dirty Summer Love. To support the industry, he hosts museum parties for institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art at his Miami Beach home.

Mr. Blumenthal also has a real estate background spanning more than a decade and invests in distressed properties. In his real estate profession, he handles research and purchasing of residential and commercial assets and spends time redeveloping each property for resale. Outside of his real estate and art world ventures, he enjoys playing polo at New York’s Southampton Polo Club. He also plays tennis and formerly participated in the semi-professional golf circuit.

A real estate investor with years of experience, Robert Blumenthal currently focuses on the acquisition and redevelopment of distressed residential and commercial properties. He has been involved in the commercial real estate field for more than 10 years, with experience in development, acquisitions, and leasing, and he has worked with a number of investors, from institutions to individuals, to develop many types of properties. Through his work with Pointe Development JV Partnership, Robert Blumenthal handled a shopping center development from start to finish, first locating suitable land, then finding tenants, and finally raising equity. He also gained experience in the industry as an associate with Gadinsky Real Estate, a sales associate with the Koniver Stern Group, and a coordinator for Tate Enterprises.

Robert Blumenthal is also passionate about the arts and has hosted museum parties at his Miami Beach house for museums such as the Museum of Modern Art. He also opened the Robert Blumenthal Gallery on the Upper East Side in New York City, which saw coverage in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.