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Derek Fordjour: ‘Upper Room’ (closes on Saturday) Walking from Madison Avenue into this show is like changing planets. The gallery’s small reception area is carpeted with crushed stone. To the right, a small opening leads to darkened larger space swathed, tent-style, in fabrics; the floor is covered with packed earth. Tree trunks stand upright like tent poles; wreaths of dried flowers are suspended from them. The installation is partly autobiographical. Mr. Fordjour grew up in Tennessee, a child of Ghanaian immigrants. “Upper Room” refers to places of religious worship — a prayer room in his family home and church revival meetings in country clearings — which were meant to provide safety but couldn’t. A soundtrack of hymns plays in the gallery, but so does a live police scanner. Robert Blumenthal Gallery, 1045 Madison Avenue, near 80th Street, Manhattan, 646-852-6332, (Cotter)

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